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Nuclear power driven dragonfly drone will find life on Saturn

The American space agency NASA can soon send a nuclear power drone in space, which will discover signs of life on Saturn's planet 'Titan'. This eight-winged drone has been named 'Dragonfly'. It will charge itself from its nuclear generator. It will test the possible places to live on the surface of Titan, where methane and ethane lakes and rivers are present.

NASA proposes drone mission:

John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has presented a proposal to NASA in which the drone mission is outlined. Hopefully NASA can later choose proposals related to some new campaigns for upcoming studies. The NASA New Frontiers Competition has six topics. The mission related to satellites or comets, the search in the ocean, the search for Saturn, the study of the Trojan asteroid and the related mission related to the planet Venus are included. The Dragonfly Drone is also a candidate for this competition. NASA will sort out suggestions in November and final elections will be held in July 2019.

Satellite surface test

Researchers want to take a look at Titan so that more information can be gathered about its surface. The chief investigator of the Dragonfly mission Elizabeth Turtle said, "We can not use this kind of experiment in the laboratory." Actually, it includes the scale of time. The mixture of organic molecules and liquid water on the surface of Titan may have been present for a very long time.

Potential place of life

Titan is considered to be a satellite that can be adaptable to life. The chemical composition of its surface is the abundance of carbon. There are ice and internal seas. This is one of the selective marines of our solar system. According to experts, Titan has the necessary ingredients for life. The substances present on its surface are undergoing chemical processes.

Special design

For the use of this campaign, Dragonfly has been designed in such a way that he can study all the features by taking samples from Titan's surface. He will examine different places and atmosphere samples of Titan surface and find out the favorable conditions of life.

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