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Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World

For centuries, some such animals have existed to see or encounter encounters with them, but their existence is still mysterious. Some people believe in them, and some still consider them as fantasy imaginable. But it is also true that their existence can not be denied. That is why we are presenting a list of such 5 mysterious creatures in front of you whose incidents are seen from the years, but their existence can not be fully proven in the absence of concrete evidence.

1. Yeti

Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World
The most famous and mysterious creature of the Himalayan region, which is often seen in the news of visits and many news channels and history channels, the Discovery Channel have also created many documentaries on it. In many of the monetary areas falling in the Tibet region, you can also see their skulls which they have saved. In the US area, it is called Big-Foot.

According to eyewitnesses, the height of the snowman is about 7 to 8 feet, like a bear on the body white or brown hair, sharp odor, and its terrible loud voice has been reported.

2. Loch Monster

Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World
Loch Monster
Of the world's most famous and mysterious creature, a locked ness monster is known as "Nessi" is one of the world's largest secrets. Nessi claims to see hundreds of people, and many of its photographs are also famous on which many research has been done. Whenever you try to know about the mysteries of the world, all of them will also be "Nessi". Almost all the channels have made a program on it and hundreds have lost their money and time to find it, but their hand is just frustrating, but people still claim to see it and according to them the truth Is there.

According to the people who have seen it, the neck of this animal is long, the back is like a hump and the face is like a horse. It has never been seen out of the water and it is estimated that it is completely aquatic.

3. Jersey Devil

Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World
Jersey Devil
"Jersey Devil" is one of America's largest secrets and nearly 200 people have claimed to see it live. As the name implies, "Jersey Devil" has always been seen and heard in the New Jersey area of ​​America.

It is being reported from around 1700, but it is being seen the most since the 90's, and many people are experiencing this encounter face-to-face. Many people do not even go to the jungle of New Jersey at night.

According to eyewitnesses, Jersey Devil is about 4.5 feet long and has a horse-like face. Which runs on the last two feet and the hoof of these feet is like a horse.

4. Dover Devil

Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World
Dover Devil
Dover devil has seen some people so far and it was only seen in Dover on April 21, 1977. It was first seen by a 17-year-old boy Bill Bartlett, and another 15-year-old boy John Bakster claimed to see it, and the next day, another 15-year-old Abby Brbham also claimed to see such a creature, and the most surprising The thing is that everyone described this creature as a whole.

Some people say that it can be an organism deviated from the other world, some say that it was a part of any government's secret research that ran out of some way.

However, according to the above three people, who according to its description, it was about 4 feet tall, without the life of the child, whose head was like a big watermelon and eye color, besides it was mixing the sound of the snake and the hawk.

5. Mongolian Death Warm

Top 5 Most Strange Creatures in the World
Mongolian Death Warm
This terrible and murderous animal lives in Gobi Desert of Mongolia, about which one is famous by one, it is not a four-headed animal but a kind of giant worm, whose length is about 1.2 meters, snake Like a flexible body, a little thicker, red color, and even a person, is also a victim of hunting.

According to the Mongolian logo, it waits for its prey by hiding under the sand, and as soon as the prey approaches, the lightning flows out rapidly and spreads acid on its prey, which extends its prey, then it is it's bizarre It is chewed by mouth.

It is also called "Khorkoi allghoi", which means "the stomach worm", which means it looks like this. The scientists, however, deny that it is a worm because no worm can survive such a heat, according to them it can be a different kind of snake.

But whatever happens, this giant worm is still the secret for the world.

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