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The star that does not let its glow fall apart

Scientists have made a surprising discovery of a star and according to them, this star did not let its glow fade, whereas it was blasted several times for more than 50 years.

The star that does not let its glow fall apart

When there are incidents of an explosion in a star, energy produces in it, this energy or glow is called a supernova. Many times the amount of energy that comes out of a star's explosion is greater than the energy released from the Sun's whole life in the Solar System's most powerful planet.

Most supernovas die only after an explosion, i.e., in some months or weeks, their glimmer falls. But scientists have detected a star in which it remains even as bright as the five explosions. The incidents of an explosion in the last two years have remained intact. This time is six times more than the normal supernova.

The star that does not let its glow fall apart

The phenomenon of the explosion of stars (supernova) is considered to be a reason for the fading of stars. Peter Nugent, a senior scientist from the US-based Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, said that he found that this supernova does not look like he has ever seen before. This fact has surfaced after detecting about 5,000 supernovas in the last two decades.

The name of this supernova is IPTF 14 HLS. Its address ran in September 2014. At that time it looked like a simple supernova. Several months later astronomers from the LCO of the US Lass Comber Observatory found that the supernovae are getting shiny again.

In the LCO, Fellow Lair Arakawa said that this supernova broke all records. This is the biggest puzzle I have encountered during my study of the past decade of the explosion in stars.

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